Build City of Dreams

Build City of Dreams

It's a beautiful city to build and lead. A place of honour awaits you, but only after you have worn a working helmet and worked properly. Everything significant always starts with a small one. To become a leader, you must first start at the bottom and get started with a small start-up capital. But it is in this game all dreams are sure to become a reality and you are already the boss, who can only make one call to start building a skyscraper. But initially you need to pass the starting training and build the road connecting the two objects. For each work done, you will receive awards and money. Initially, you will have to work with your own hands, but with increasing prosperity, you will be able to hire workers who will do the work for you. It's worth making an effort to eventually become the head of a big city that has everything from a casino to a cosmodrome.
:Control of the game Построй Город Мечты
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