Piggy Peppa-Basketball

Piggy Peppa-Basketball

Papa Pig decided to shake the old days, remember youth and play basketball. In the old days, he was a very good basketball player. But basketball is a team game and it won't be interesting. That's why Papa Pig invited some of his friends to play with him as a team and they gladly agreed. The only thing left is to find a team of opponents and Pig, not thinking for a long time, decided to gather a team of children of his team's players, where Peppa's piggy got. You have to take part in this interesting match on the side of the children's team and do your best to defeat the adults. Play at your fingertips and pass only to the kids. When Peppa's piggy hits the ball, you have to choose how fast he throws it in the basket and throws it at the target. Have fun in this fun game and win the legendary victory of children over adults.
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