Parkour run

Parkour run

Inspired by the principles of parkour, where we live in a world without limits. Run on roofs, jump through windows, hang from eaves and slide under large water tanks. Do all sorts of cool tricks inspired by parkour, using all sorts of vectors and angles, but be careful not to fall! How can you run away in this limitless platform game runner? Features of the game: very interesting and rapidly changing musical rhythms interesting and cyclic gameplay, flawlessly favorable for seekers of high scores. The property is welcome to the metropolis, where everyone has the opportunity to run on the roofs and all inhabitants are experienced rufers. Critical parkour tricks and the possibility of running on the roofs are waiting for you in this game! Parkour leaks and be a full-fledged inhabitant of the metropolis of parkour.
Parkour in a metropolis is a survival game. Take on the role in the most amazing competitions, improve your personal manner, remember the roofting and flip back as a flip connoisseur, performing unimaginable parkour tricks and win the title of "parkour master"!
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