Mini Golf World

Mini Golf World

We invite you to the world of elite golf. It's a light and interesting outdoor sport, which is loved by wealthy people. A more compact version of the game is called mini-golf, and it is loved by all segments of society of all ages. In this game, the ultimate goal is the championship title. There are 18 levels in total, each of which is interesting in its own way. As in the classics, the main goal is to send a small white ball into the hole. In doing so, you should try to hit the ball as little as possible before it hits the hole. Communication is simple, the fewer hits, the more points are scored. You will be required to show all the necessary qualities: agility, accuracy, good eye, accurate calculation of the force of impact and trajectory of the ball. Therefore, mini-golf can be considered not only a sporting game, but also partly intellectual. You will surely be able to have an interesting and fun time in this game. The pleasure will bring not only the game itself, but also beautiful lawns with a mowed lawn.
:Control of the game Мир Мини Гольфа
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