Mountain sniper

Mountain sniper

This is a very interesting first-person shooting game, in which place only one task is to destroy as many armies as possible, as you can. You are well-trained shooter will also be able to quickly fight the task including from a long distance. You are at the top of the world, and near you have the superiority to have the type from a bird's-eye view. Shoot at targets with your sharpened shooting skills as well. Enjoy the thrill of also getting hooked on this exciting shooter! What's more fun than hiding in a secret, also unremarkable sight, aiming at a moving target thoroughly, delicately lowering the trigger guard, as well as seeing your injured side suffer the actual death throes? The kind of entertainment regarding snipers is formed with the aim of real servicemen, how not horrible is the meticulous self-cleaning as well as remorse.
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Contra Dandy
Contra Dandy
This game is still the best among Dendy shooters and the transfer to the computer made it only
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