Captain Marvel - Galactic Flight

Captain Marvel - Galactic Flight

In the game "Captain Marvel: Galactic Flight", you will get to know the superheroine of the universe Marvel and the new companion of the Avengers. Carol Denvers is a charming girl, who by the will of fate turned into a superpower mutant because of the merger of her and the alien structure. This is how Carol turned into Captain Marvel. Natural mind, excellent fighting skills and great strength made Marvel not only powerful, but also dangerous for enemies. Let those who became on the way to the great heroine tremble!

How to play?
There are several rescue missions waiting for you in the game. First, the heroine will go to the planet of Oblivion, which is trying to capture the race of chitouri led by his leader. Despite the superpowers, advanced weapons and alien transport are powerless before Captain Marvel, and you and I will now prove it.
You will have to destroy the warriors and enemy bots that will attack you. The heroine will fly and shoot automatically, and you must cleverly maneuver between enemies. When the transport chitouri will be destroyed, you can absorb and accumulate their energy. This will make Captain Marvel even stronger and she will shoot with powerful charges. At each level, you need to collect all the escape pods and space spheres. The latter will help you to open the bonus levels. On each level there will be several tasks for which you will receive awards. After the defeat of the enemy armies you will have a battle with the boss. Defeat him and save Xandar and Alpha from invaders. Enjoy the game and good luck!
:Control of the game Капитан Марвел - Галактический Полёт
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