Ralph at the dentist

Ralph at the dentist

A famous cartoon character named Ralph never worried about hygiene. At least he never cared about his teeth. But it only lasted until one day his teeth got so bad that the guy just started squirming in agony. Ralph realises that the toothache won't disappear on its own, so he just has to go to a place he's been avoiding for so many years - the dental office. The character's dentist has an unpleasant procedure waiting for him. Before starting treatment, you need to do an oral examination to assess the condition of all Ralph's teeth. The examination showed that they are in a terrible state and, in fact, the big guy has no healthy teeth left. Now, the first thing to do is to remove all those teeth that cannot be saved. And only then we should start treatment of the remaining teeth, which can still serve their owner. Try to do your dentist's job properly so that Ralph does not suffer from toothache and can continue to delight cartoon lovers with his adventures. Interesting game!
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