From the baddies to the good fairies

From the baddies to the good fairies

Do you think it is easy for children of evil and cunning characters from fairy tales? If you answered no, you were absolutely right. Daughters of villains named Evie and Mel work hard to maintain the reputation of the villain families from which they come. They grew up on terrible tales, but sometimes they want to be not scary and terrible magicians, but nice and kind like fairies. Not forever, of course, but at least temporarily. And it was in this game, our heroines wanted to enter into such a positive and attractive image. However, girls are usually dressed in the Gothic style and pick up appropriate to the good image of the outfit they are very difficult. Perhaps the heroines could use a recommendation from an excellent specialist in style. We suggest you try yourself as a stylist and pick up for Mel and Evie not only dresses, but also everything you need to create the image of good wizards. Try and help the characters, and they will be very grateful to you.
:Control of the game Из Злодеек В Добрые Феи
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