Underground Drift Legends of Speed

Underground Drift Legends of Speed

 This wonderful game will offer the following buns: Natural and very colorful graphics. An interesting story, which is supplemented with additional missions. The player will lead the drivers of the night city and defeat all its bosses. Multiple places and races, where you can perform incredible jumps. Many different tracks for racing: sprints, circular tracks and special tracks for drifting. For a successful drift, a beautifully performed trick or a victory in a race you can earn money and reputation. You can spend them on the most suitable car for your driving style. Choose from a huge number of different racing cars: from prospektarov to racing cars and oil cars. There are special models of cars for drifting, which will allow you to get great pleasure from driving. You can take part in police persecution by taking a police car. For those who love to have fun, there is a special clown car, which will not let you get bored during the races. Any car in your garage can be upgraded: from appearance to the color of smoke from tires and neon lights. The game is perfectly optimized and offers a wide range of graphic settings. Very realistic physics of car movement, interesting gameplay and user-friendly interface will give the player a great experience! We wish you to have a good time.
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