Truck simulator 3D

Truck simulator 3D

This game is a simulator and provides an opportunity to be the driver of a huge truck engaged in transporting cars. In the course of the game you are sure to gain experience and understanding in the transportation of large loads. You should park a large caravan in the right place, then sit behind the wheel of new cars and drive them to the trailer truck. Each car on the truck has its own place, which it must take for transportation. Once all the cars are on the trailer, you can drive the truck again. The main task of the game is to deliver sports cars from one city to another or to a special parking lot outside the city. Will you be able to drive a large truck loaded with expensive cars? At the beginning of the game you need to choose a truck and its body color. In total you have to pass 13 levels, passing which you will open two bonus stages. For greater simplicity of the game, it is divided into parts that pass one after another. After loading the truck it should be taken to the parking lot and start unloading. After unloading, you should load the trailer again with a new load, which will be taken to the city. If you are ready to assume the responsibility for transporting such expensive goods, then start playing.
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