Car Stunts 2

Car Stunts 2

This is a great game about racing luxury sports cars. You will have to drive fast on special tracks and perform tricks, jumps, bypassing obstacles. Have you been riding sports carts with the most famous riders in the world? Would you like to drive a cool sports car? It is in this game that your dream becomes reality, and unforgettable impressions from motorsport will stay in your memory for a long time. Drive again and again! What is your favorite sports car? There will be a wide range of the coolest cars available, such as Lamborghini, Ford Mustang and others. Start chasing at unrealistic speeds and perform dizzying tricks. In this sports car simulator you can quickly drive, drift, jump on a springboard and perform other tricks. You will be amazed by the crazy city you will find yourself in. And the atmosphere will be really tricky: fly over a burning hoop, jump over a deadly propeller, knock down or break some obstacles. Fly safely at near-sonic speed and see sparks from the asphalt cut out. Thrilling 3D graphics, very realistic physics and real models of the best cars are waiting for you. In total you can drive on 3 different tracks, each of which is equipped with different jumps and trick structures. And in this game there is a multiplayer mode and several players can simultaneously on one track to race online. Isn't that cool?! So get on your computer, get some friends and start these awesome and dangerous races!
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