Car Tricks in 3D City

Car Tricks in 3D City

This awesome game offers you the opportunity to try your hand at speed and trick riding through the city among the majestic skyscrapers. There are six challenging levels at your disposal, which can be completed in any of their seven magnificent cars. There are three game modes to choose from: pass for one player, pass for two players and free play with tricks. The first mode involves passing through the levels on your own. The second mode will allow you to do the same, but two with a friend, dividing the screen into two identical parts. Well, in the third mode you will be able to freely travel around the city and perform such tricks as you want. It's best to start with the first mode, so get to the game. Hit the accelerator and go along the track according to the green signs. You'll see jumps and barrel obstacles along the way. To reach the finish line on each level you will have to successfully perform a series of jumps and dizzying tricks. Sometimes you'll even have to take off in the air, slide down the ramp and even break brick obstacles. Do you want to have fun performing car tricks? So far, start and have fun at full speed!
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