Furious drift

Furious drift

Great rally game with high-quality 3D graphics and a huge amount of content. In total there are 10 different cars waiting for you in fun, which you can not gradually buy for earned coins. You can get them to win the drift. Fun offers up to 15 sub-levels where you will have different tasks. Somewhere you will try to collect points for drifting and to please the first place, then you should pass all the control points as soon as possible. So be quick and try not to crash into anything. RIFT (Russ. Fracture) network fantasy online multiplayer  fun, developed by Trion World Network. The release of the fun was planned for autumn 2011, in the USA it was unofficially released on April 1, and in European Yanao on March 3 (except for Great Britain, where the press release was issued on April 4). March 24, 2011 the U.S. company Belver announced the signing with Trion World Network about the right to neutralize the game in the CIS countries. In July 2011, 1 billion players were registered.
:Control of the game Яростный дрифт
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