Tricks Cars in Old Town

Tricks Cars in Old Town

Between the greater number of settlements on our planet there are megacities to which people will never return, the root cause by the way, no one will return there yet is people and their work. But how do they talk later scuffles do not wave their fists, as a consequence of this, and we will not blame anyone, and not in principle it is for example how at the moment you have a unique chance to sit down at the wheel of the 1 of the cars provided for you and go once from these settlements. Driving between the other has the opportunity to be unsafe, and not only because of the meeting with the security service block of the post, but also because of the meeting with the marauders. As we all know, the worst and most dangerous enemy of a person is another person. Destroyed by industry and other human activities, the cities stand without their grandfathers and attract illegal tourists. Your adventure will be extremely dangerous, but certainly incredibly exciting. Beware of staggering buildings, guards and bandits, all of them can harm you!
:Control of the game Трюки Автомобилей в Старом Городе 
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