Red monster

Red monster

Megapolis is under attack. Use the superhero's own power to defend the innocent from evil monsters. Features: - A number of values - three types of character skins... All of these you can see in our beautiful game. Transform into the image of a cool superhero, who can turn the mountains, which is all insignificant! Fight for your city, for your country and for the innocent people, who came under an unexpected and cruel attack. You'll have to fight terrible monsters that are very dangerous and bloodthirsty. The developers have created several skintons, features of your forces and many more to make your game more interesting and to give you the opportunity to create your hero personally. Of course, you also need to mention the unsurpassed graphics and musical and sound effects that accompany the entire gameplay. All this makes the game rich and extremely interesting. Such opportunities and forces that will be entrusted to your character is very important. So take the strength in your fist and save everyone from monsters!
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