Bomber truck

Bomber truck

Nowadays, trucks carry almost any kind of cargo, from innocuous to life-threatening to many people. In this game you will become a truck driver, which must carry a very dangerous cargo watch bomb. It is already activated and after the allotted period of time the clock mechanism detonates. To avoid tragedy, you need to deliver this explosive cargo to its final destination before the time on the clock mechanism of the bomb expires. That is to say, it is very important to move as fast as possible, although you should also consider the fact that the road is not smooth and smooth at all. You will be driving on a rough and rough road, covered with bumps and potholes. If you hit such a rough road at high speed, an explosive device may fall out and then the explosion will happen much earlier. Which means the game will be lost. So you have to learn to gain speed when the road will allow, and slow down before the bumps to save the deadly load. It will be very exciting and exciting. We wish you success in such a difficult business as carrying a bomb.
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