Wild Races

Wild Races

 In this game you can test your driving talents in the most extraordinary races ever held on Earth. The Club of Extreme Drivers from Britain has established a Race Cup, which can take part in any transport, regardless of its size and purpose. In one race you can compete in a sports megacar, a London double-decker bus, a police car, an ice-cream van, a small car like the Beetle, a steep jeep and other types of cars. You just need to decide on your car and you can go to the track to prove to everyone that among the extremes you can be only the best. There are only six locations in the game, each of which has three tracks. Each race involves the performance of two tasks. The first one is always the same and requires finishing among a certain number of leaders and not less. If you meet this condition, then you will get access to the second track, which already has to perform different tricks while driving your race vehicles. This can be driving on the rear wheel for a certain period of time or performing combined jumps, or knocking down objects standing on a high ground. If you manage to do what you need to do, then you will earn good money and can buy yourself a steeper or more comfortable car. It will be difficult to pass the whole game in one car, because different tricks are best performed on the most suitable cars. For example, a car with big wheels is much better to drive on one axis, and to perform a kurbite in the air is more effective and easier to perform on a small car. We wish you to catch up and have fun.
:Control of the game Дикие Гонки
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