Road of fury 2

Road of fury 2

Scientists predicted the end of our civilization from a nuclear disaster, but the military did not listen to them and used this terrible weapon. As a result, there was a nuclear winter on the planet, after which very few people survived. Among the survivors, there were those who used this sad situation to gain control over territories. They began uniting in groups and terrorizing the survivors wherever they could reach. The gangs found abandoned armouries and began seizing territory with civilians. But among the normal people, there were leaders who led a revolt against gang terror and decided to establish order in lands that had not been destroyed by the nuclear bombing. To accomplish this important mission, a real armored cargo tank on wheels will have to be built to shoot loot looters from a safe haven and free people from their violence. And the vehicles and weapons that will remain can be used to further carry out the tasks at hand. This can be an increase in the firepower of your mobile fortress or an improvement in its driving characteristics. Only in order to engage in modernization, you will need to get to a quiet place, which will be caught only at the end of the measured stage of the game. Remember that the aggressors will not only chase you in their cars, but also try to provoke by organizing a scuffle in front of the road. You can't react to such provocations, because you will be involved in a clash, which can only end with your defeat and death. We wish you exciting moments in the game!
:Control of the game Дорога Ярости 2
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