Taxi on Nature

Taxi on Nature

In our opinion, the name of this exciting game does not quite fit her in fact. In fact, the taxi will not work here in the open spaces of nature, and will only transport passengers between cities. So more accurately should be called this game long-distance taxi. However, it makes no sense for a long time to reason, because the developers have created an excellent gameplay here. Just start the game and get a lot of positive emotions. As usual, from early morning the dispatcher in the fleet informed all taxi drivers about available orders from customers. Most of the outfits, as usual, were within the city, but a few orders were for long-distance transportation. You will be driving a taxi character who gladly took an order for a route between cities because he likes to travel long distances. Such a short trip is designed to make the minimum number of stops in its course. In addition, on intercity motorways you can develop a decent speed and race with pleasure past the passing forests, meadows and fields. Naturally, at high speed, the risk of accidents increases, but modern motorways have all the precautions to avoid such a possibility. In addition, intercity flights bring the taxi driver more money than transporting passengers within the city limits. And another bonus is the fact that more random customers become permanent, and this also has a positive impact on your bank account. Play with pleasure and try yourself as a long-distance taxi driver.
:Control of the game Такси на Природе
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