Racing city

Racing city

We invite you to visit the Racing City, where adrenaline hovers in the air with the smell of gasoline and the rumble of motors is a very familiar sound. You will have to take part in a rapid race with other contenders to win. But don't count on the track to be dedicated to the competition because all the races will take place right through the busy streets of the city. So in addition to the task to get ahead of all other riders, you must also avoid collisions with the cars of ordinary citizens. And although it will be quite difficult, but the fun is guaranteed to you. After the countdown is over, all cars will rush sharply to gain speed. Your car will drive automatically, and you just need to stop at the right time. A good reaction will be very helpful to get away from all the collisions and finish first. If your car is involved in an accident, the competitors will get a head start and have a better chance to overtake you. Each victory will bring gold coins to your piggy bank, which you can give for a new more advanced car. Get ready for maximum speed, adrenaline throws and extreme courses. We wish you to enjoy your races and win!
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