Willie 2

Willie 2

Introducing a new version of the game with a favorite character car Willie. He is a great dreamer and still wants to win the championship cup in racing. But this time, the reason for his desire to not only win and self-affirm. It's because the little red hero is involved in the affairs of the heart. At first glance at this beautiful purple color with shiny disks on wheels, his engine began to work at high speeds. Need your help to help the car in love to get to his heart car, having overcome many difficulties and obstacles. This game is similar to real life in that it just does not get anything. You can get around all the tricky traps if you are careful and attentive. You'll have to control other mechanisms besides Willie. For example, you'll have to operate a radio-controlled helicopter to lift the bridge to push the right buttons. In another situation, you will have to move the forklift forward to fall boxes on which Willie will go up. And all in all, the most interesting adventures are ahead. The main thing is not to forget to use your wit and imagination to make things work. Do not give up even in very difficult positions and Willie, with your help, will certainly get to his beautiful machine. We wish only victory!
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