Sofia Beautiful - Sled Racing

Sofia Beautiful - Sled Racing

 We are happy to welcome you in a beautiful country called Magic. This beautiful country looks its best in winter. And it is in winter that the coolest holiday, called Zdravitsa, is celebrated there. All royal subjects leave their homes on this day and play various fun games until the evening: they throw snowballs, skate and ride a sled. You will also take part in the royal sledding competition. The first thing to do is to decide on the character, which has a choice of three: the prince named James, a princess named Amber and Sophia herself beautiful. After choosing your character, you should choose the most favorite sled from the offered. After that, it's time to start the competition. You will ride downhill in your cool sled that will slide in the snow. To get the bonus points you should collect stars and flowers along the way. In order to take off and rush through the air, try to pick up books with wind spells and you will accelerate very much. Have fun sledding and win!
:Control of the game София Прекрасная - Гонки на Санях
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