Off-road Racing

Off-road Racing

As in the cartoon, a town called Radiator Springs is preparing to open the Stanley Circuit. In honor of this car, they decided to organize off-road races. However, at the same time in the city appear bad cars Baja, which challenges the legendary Lightning McQueen. The player has to manage Lightning and manage to get ahead of his rivals to prove to everyone that he is the best and fastest. The race will run through places such as Enchanted Forest, Rolling Hills and the Cave of the Spout. Dedicated friend Mater will be constantly giving advice and useful comments during the race. There are 6 stages to go through in the game. The new level opens when you get into the top three of the race results. A total of 5 cars participate in the race and you will have to try to get ahead of any of them. The racing track is very difficult, it is all crossed by obstacles, jumps and humps. McQueen is used to driving on a level track, so off-road will be a real challenge for him. It's going to take a little practice to land properly after jumping. It'll be extreme and cool, it'll leave a very strong impression. Do not forget that in addition to the fact that the race should be ahead of the competition, it is also worth collecting gold coins, which will be useful for various acquisitions.
:Control of the game Гонки по Бездорожью
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