Adam and Eve 2

Adam and Eve 2

We offer to play an exciting flash game, which is free and contains a large number of levels. You will encounter here with very interesting tasks that can be solved with just the mouse of your computer. At the beginning you will see that the primitive man someone locked in a cage and now he is unable to move around the space for the game. However, this character really wants to see the world and enjoy the benefits of life. Try to quickly find the key and open the doors in the cage, so that the primitive man was able to be free and do everything he expects. Ahead of our protogonist awaits an amazing journey through the playgrounds. On the way there are many interesting, various obstacles and traps. To overcome all this, you will have to use your mental abilities: intelligence and logical thinking. Forward to adventure!
:Control of the game Адам и Ева 2
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