Fire and Water 4 - In the Crystal Temple

Fire and Water 4 - In the Crystal Temple

Welcome to the new, fourth version of the free flash game, in which you will once again meet a couple of cute natural spirits. If you have not met and played with them before, we can guarantee that you will not be disappointed. New adventures and interesting adventures with spirits of water and fire are waiting for you, so it's better to be ready to overcome various difficulties and solve difficult puzzles. The whole game will take place inside a large crystal temple, which is full of traps and complex mazes. And in such extreme conditions Fire and Drop need to move forward and collect the caught crystals along the way. The spirit of fire can only take crystals of red color, and the spirit of water - blue. They both have unique abilities that they will have to use during their adventures. You will control the characters, and you will need to show not only willfulness, but also ingenuity, as well as cleverness. Have a great time playing the game!
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