On the site Oigri.com presented games Shock squad kittens 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, with cheats. We are sure that thanks to this abundance will be able to satisfy all fans of the "gorgeous four", consisting of different types of kittens. The plot of the game Shock squad kittens classic: the king of the fox cat kidnap daughter of a beautiful kitten princess from the castle. What to do in this case, the autocrat? Send in search of a princess best of the best fighters of the cat army. The formed team will cope with the task only if the gamer can provide her with everything you need, including endless lives and superpowers. On our site you can play the game for free Shock squad kittens - as much as you want! Just remember to feed the valiant warriors fish and milk, and to track the amount of remaining energy, you need to periodically look at the scale. Also, during the game Strike Squad kittens need to collect the keys that unlock the chests with clothes and weapons. And most importantly: react in a timely manner to the dangers and do not engage in serious confrontations with foxes, if you see that you can not give them a decent fight.

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