The site offers all fans to shoot and run to play free games Strike Squad Heroes. This is a "toy" for multi-level passing, having a complex but interesting plot, something like the legendary movie "Resident Evil". Each game Heroes of the Striker Squad has its own features, and the easiest part is the first one, and it is recommended to start getting acquainted with these amazing characters. Game Heroes of Strikeback Squad 2 will allow you to take part in interesting events taking place in the orbital base. In the second part, the number of characters is increased. All games Strike Team Heroes (with or without cheats) give the player the opportunity to pump weapons and earn some virtual money. Each gamer can make his small army as muscular and strong as possible, even though the number of fighters in it is limited. Managing "multifunctional" warriors is a pleasure! And if you've never played the Strike Team Heroes 1, 2, 3 online games before, we suggest you do it immediately! After all, all toys presented on our site are completely free and do not require registration.

Heroes of Shock Squad Games online

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