Fans of different genres of "toys" will surely like online games Evil Grandma. The character is completely different from the classic grandmother, because this old lady managed to put the whole city "put on his ears," because of which she was sent to a crazy house. But we have a lot of games where Wicked Granny runs away from the mental institution, and she uses various devices, such as a catapult. Despite the "negativity" of the character, "toys" of this plan are popular, because the main task of the player to help the old lady to leave the walls of the clinic for the mentally ill. On the site you can play as much as you like in free games Evil Grandma, which can please their stories, even experienced gamers. Scenario of events depends largely on the player. Escape dashing old lady can be so successful that she risks to find herself in another country, such as India or Egypt. It is noteworthy that most games Evil Grandma have an age limit, and the developers recommend playing them to children who have reached the age of nine years. They do not contain scenes of violence, bloodshed and cruelty, just a player must be smart and smart!

Angry Granny Game online

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