Fluffies - The invasion

Fluffies - The invasion

Once again, the focus is on smiling fluffy balls of different colors! They're always ready to have fun with whoever wants to. We offer to play a new version of the already very popular series of games about fluffy. It has quality graphics, simple requirements and new additions. And otherwise, it will be the same game that everyone loves. Events will unfold in a small, but just a fairytale town on the beach. The fact is that in this village turned fluffy, making a real invasion. These little fluffy balloons filled the city streets and they are very voracious. They look nice and not dangerous, but when a whole pack of them gathers, you can expect a lot of damage. The townspeople have decided to find ways to overcome this invasion and will not stop before difficulties. Whoever defeats these evil aliens can count on a respectable reward. Wouldn't you like to have fun hunting fluffy aliens and make some good money? If so, it's time to get started. Have fun hunting!
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