The toughest game in the world  4

The toughest game in the world 4

This game with a pretty funny name is the fourth and last part of the whole series. And judging by the title, you can assume that it's not going to be easy. You are absolutely right in this, though thousands of players from all over the world are not bored and not afraid to try their hand to make the taste of victory stronger. If you have already played in previous versions, you can imagine what to face and what to expect. And if you first get to such a game, then be prepared to pass through multiple mazes with moving obstacles. In each corridor of each maze will be on guard blue balls. They are constantly moving, and quite quickly, so sometimes it may seem that there is simply nowhere to squeeze. But we advise you to always carefully assess the situation, because there is always a way out, otherwise this game would not make sense. Estimate the trajectory and speed of the obstacle and will be able to find a loophole through which to lead your square. In this part you will find many levels, which by the law of logic follow each other with increasing complexity. There are more blue balls, their speed increases, and there is much less room to pass. But that's not all. To make it even harder, the developers have placed gold coins throughout the levels, which must necessarily collect everything. If you don't do that, you won't be able to move on to the next maze. So we wish you good luck, patience and calculus. Win!
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