The Way of Fury

The Way of Fury

According to the legend of this game, the world is changing dramatically after the cataclysm that was announced on all major TV channels. True, no one really explained anything, that is, the reason for the end of the world was not named. Whether it was an attack with nuclear missiles or an explosion of nuclear power plants is not known for sure. But one thing is quite clear: large areas of our planet have been completely depopulated. A protagonist named Jim decides to get together and go in search of a human settlement. He decided to go by car, and that was the most appropriate decision in the current situation. And in order to protect himself while traveling through the post-apocalyptic wastelands, Jim wanted to properly upgrade and arm his car. All repairs took about a week and such efforts in the future will be very justified. And all because when the hero was driving on the highway, he was joined by several cars. It was a gang of looters, who for years have been searching the neighborhood and looking for something to eat. Jim in his car turned out to be a tidbit because you can take away fuel and food from him. Our character needs to get away from the chase, beating out of the pursuers one by one all the cars with his weapons and powerful armor on the car. Show the looters that you're out of their league.
:Control of the game
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