For two-Crosses and zeroes

For two-Crosses and zeroes

If you get bored, you will be looking for a way to have fun, and the computer game will help in this very well. But what to do if you don't want to play shooters, fermenters and other similar games? We propose to play a game that appeared long before the computer age, and called the crosses of zero. And if before the grid to play the game was drawn on a piece of paper or even drawn with a twig in the sand, the computer does not need this. The field for the game will be beautiful and neatly placed on the screen. You can play against a computer opponent, and in company with a friend. Each player makes a move after his opponent in order. And instead of the usual crosses and zeros the developers have created more original lollipop sticks and round cookies. During the game, think through and make your moves, and don't forget to analyze your opponent's moves. Be smart and be sure to win, having an interesting time.
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