Fishdom - Russian Version

Fishdom - Russian Version

Many of us have dreamed of having a big aquarium at home. And such a dream is not only for children, but also many adults have long had such plans. However, in practice, not always and not everyone has the opportunity to buy an aquarium and have fish in it because it costs a lot of money. And if there is still a desire to run into an aquarium at home some exotic species of fish, it will have to spend money, as for an inexpensive car. Just in case there is not enough money, and get yourself an aquarium with fish still very much want, and was created this game. It is very bright and colorful, in addition, completely Russified, which will increase realism and ease of operation. You can choose almost any aquarium as a large volume, and not so. You can also buy and release into the water different kinds of fish. Here prices do not play a key role, because the game has the ability to make money. Money in the game, as well as an aquarium with fish, completely virtual. Earn them in the same way as in the game "Three in a row". Do not worry that you will only have to collect the same chips. Points that you accumulate in this way, you can then exchange for new fish species for your aquarium, jewelry for the same. And, by the way, everything will be like in real life: your fish need to be fed and it will be another article of virtual money spending. Start the game and enjoy the measured and soothing appearance of leisurely swimming fish in your aquarium.
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