If for some "school years are wonderful", for others it is a real bargaining chip. But not all educational institutions are the same, as clearly evidenced by a selection of flash games, created by us. Free the school games is very diverse in meaning, stories and characters. For example, the Winx School game is a great option for girls, which implies the involvement of two "students". Although, we have options, designed for one gamer. For fans of thrills specially created Baldi School game, which includes an evil math teacher, constantly frightening his students and bring them to hysterics. On the site Oigri.com you will find other games about the school, which can play those who want to try on the role of strictly teacher. In addition, we have other "toys" on school subjects. The most common genre is fermenting. For example: the character wanders along school corridors and other areas. And at the same time he needs to collect books and other school supplies, in parallel fighting off bullies. All school online games are free, do not require downloading and installing programs, registration, sending text messages.

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