Tom and Jerry - Find the objects

Tom and Jerry - Find the objects

In this game you can feel like a real detective. In conjunction with the constantly hostile Tom and Jerry will be arranged a special operation to find hidden things. There are only three levels in the game. In each level to analyze the image with one of the main characters in the cartoon. The first picture will depict how Jerry is engaged in restoring order in his hole. The panel at the bottom of the screen will depict things to be found. There are only 2 minutes to complete this task, so we should hurry. But if you remain attentive, everything will definitely work out. On the next level, you'll see a picture of Tom going camping. Now the difficulty of finding the right things will increase. But in case of difficulty, you can always count on a number of hints from the game. At the end of this level, you will go with the eternal enemies of Tom and Jerry to fish. And now you really have to work hard to find all the right items. Don't forget that if you make a mistake, time will be taken off. And the real professionals are advised to go through all levels in the most difficult mode. In this case you will have to either know English or use a dictionary. Good luck and victories!
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