Montezuma Treasure Games online

All future archaeologists and just adventurers will be useful to play the online Treasure of Montesuma game . These "toys" are the fruit of labor of the domestic developer of the company "Alawar". Although, on the site are presented versions of the other "game factories. The Treasure of Montesuma game begins with the fact that a student who got a job in an archaeological museum, found mysterious statuettes described in an ancient manuscript. According to the manuscripts, the statuettes should help find the sacred valley where Montezuma hid something interesting. We will not reveal all the secrets, although you already want to play free Montezuma Treasure games. In essence, it's a puzzle game with elements of quests, passing which are fond of even adults. And this is not surprising, because the ultimate goal of the search is the golden calendar, which displays the recipe for eternal life. Thanks to our site, the game Treasure of Montesuma through the torrent is not necessary to download. Also, you do not have to register and pay money. Because the flash version is available to all users! Accumulate points, earn bonuses, pass levels!

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