What just did not come up with computer games about monsters! For example, girls prefer the monster high game , which includes their favorite characters are descendants of vampires, werewolves and other evil. Boys, however, prefer to confront monsters. Free games where the developers used zombies, werewolves, vampires, demons, alien creatures and other monsters as the main characters are available to all users of Oigri.com. We have created a unique selection that will be interesting for boys and girls of all ages. Because in some "toys" monsters are not evil at all, and vice versa cute and cute. We have games where you can kill monsters in different ways, using flamethrowers, laser guns, any kind of cold and firearms, as well as holy water, spells and even plants, such as garlic. Any means can be used in war against evil! And in some "toys" you will meet familiar characters that your hands will fight werewolves, living dead and vampires. Games for girls Monster High dress up, coloring and puzzles are also in this category, as well as "Singing Monsters".

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