Laser Cannon 3 - New Levels

Laser Cannon 3 - New Levels

In the new part of this great game you will find new levels, another laser gun and a whole crowd of new monsters. All this was taken care of by the developers, as well as the Russian translation, than made the game more interesting. Alien monsters once again dared to attack our planet, and again need your help to protect the earthlings from them. So, hurry up to launch this interesting game and get ready for hard battles. There are many levels ahead, on each of which you will need to be very attentive and focused to win after victory. This time, monsters will be smarter and will not wait to be laser struck by your cannon. They will be constantly moving, sheltering and making scary faces. However, it will certainly not save them from destruction, because you should not attack another's planet and wait for everything to be served on a silver platter. During the battle, you may need some items, such as a barrel filled with explosives. If you blow it up, all the monsters in the area will be killed for sure. However, you shouldn't blow them up hastily, because monsters can also run away, and such a valuable thing as a barrel filled with explosives will still be useful. So blow it up when you're sure it's about to win the hour. We wish you a great time in laser fights with alien aggressors.
:Control of the game Лазерная Пушка 3 - Новые Уровни
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This is a very interesting game, which, although it is a straw, but also applies to arcade games.
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