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The cheerful, one-eyed short green is Keezy. Games involving this character love all children, and in their opinion, it is very similar to the appearance of a dinosaur. Free Keezy games ,are presented on the, quite diverse. In the collection of "toys" you will find mini-games, popular flash versions (racing, shooting, balls, adventure) and simple "toys" designed for kids. Above all, it's coloring and puzzles, as well as online games on agility and observation. Do not look for the site games Kizi, because we have a wonderful collection of very different stories. For example, you can play Keezy games where the protagonist will need to visit three planets at once, although not quite "at once", and in order. Their names: Arksalis, Firgos, Obsidian. The fact is that Kizi, defending the Earth, managed to break his spaceship. And to fix it, he'll need parts that are on three different planets. Kizi 2's game is full of puzzles and puzzles. But it does not scare young gamers, who together with the "one-eyed" will look for paint to paint the black and white world. On our site you will find all parts of the Keezy game : 1, 2, 3, 4 and all subsequent.

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