Isaac (Isaac) - The wrath of the lamb

Isaac (Isaac) - The wrath of the lamb

The game Isaac - the wrath of the lamb. The idyllic home picture looks pretty nice when a child on the floor is playing with toys in the room and his mother is sitting quietly on the sofa watching TV for rest. A lot of families spend their evenings like this and there's nothing unusual about it. However, in this game at first such a quiet evening idyll, suddenly, replaced by a form nightmare. It is not clear until the end, whether my mother watched some wrong program, or it was a demon, but it suddenly changed dramatically. The woman grabbed a knife and went at her child with horrible sounds. The baby rushed to his room and locked the door behind him with a fright. But judging by the rampage of his mother and her fierce pressure, the door would not last very long, the woman would burst into the room and attack the child. The boy started looking for other exits from the room and fortunately found them. Under the floor carpet he saw the lid of the door and opened it and went downstairs. He found himself in a dungeon, from which he decided to look for a way out and try to save his mother. He hopes that she is not lost yet and that she can be made a normal loving mother again. Help the child in this terrible and difficult matter.
:Control of the game Исаак (Айзек) - Гнев Ягнёнка
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