Battle of the spies

Battle of the spies

Even in those places of our planet where there is a peaceful life, never subsides spy games and battles. In this game you have the opportunity to take part in one of these confrontations. Usually, no one openly trying to steal scientific developments in other countries, especially since it is almost impossible. But here is a secret activity no one can forbid, and we can say for sure that in any country in our world there are such experts who are secretly engaged in the search for and obtaining secrets and secrets of the local government. However, it is not easy to be a spy, as such work takes place in complete isolation from one's own country. In the event that such an agent is caught, he will not be recognized by his government and its services or even by his family. Therefore, if a person starts such an activity, it becomes his or her lifestyle. It happens that two spies from different countries meet because of the same interests. It happens very rarely, but if it does happen, the result of this meeting is only two: either one spy remains, or both spies start working for one government (i.e. one recruits the other). Try your hand at spy games and see how this dangerous and exciting activity suits you. Fascinating games!
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