Tanks in Labyrinth 5

Tanks in Labyrinth 5

Any boy, after completing his homework, tries to immediately go for a walk in the yard, where you can play with his comrades in such moving games as football or basketball. However, there are days when the weather is not pleasant: it rains or snows. On an evening like this, of course, you won't go out. You can spend your free time reading an interesting book or doing some drawing. We suggest you try your hand at virtual tank battles. You do not need to download the game to your computer, which will take up a lot of space and will pull a lot of resources. Just run it in your browser and everything will be ready for action. You are guaranteed to have a great time and get a lot of positive emotions, and will be full of excitement. The game belongs to the type of "Arcade" and here you can not only play with the computer. Invite friends and play against each other or the three of each for themselves. You can also combine forces to try to defeat the computer itself. In any case, only the most skillful and intelligent can win. Thanks to the efforts of the developers, at the very beginning of the game all players have absolutely equal chances, because all the tanks are identical in their combat and running characteristics. However, everyone can add a chance to become a winner. On the battlefield periodically will appear useful bonuses and they need to collect. It can be a homing missile or a laser sight. But be careful, because there is also such a bonus as a spontaneous projectile, which after the shot will turn around and fly back to the tank. Start the game and have a great time, both with friends and alone.
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