Air wars 2

Air wars 2

Each of us dreamed that someday he could fly. Especially the boys. In modern times, there are enough computer games on this topic and you just need to find the right one. Just this game will be able to fully, that is, with maximum realism, to realize your dream of flying in the clouds, driving a beautiful plane. Moreover, besides the usual flights, you can take part in intense air battles. This will give you an even more vivid and unforgettable experience. According to the legend of the game, the war has been going on for a long time and neither side has yet seized the obvious advantage. The battles are taking place both on the ground and in the air and you will have to fulfill the main mission. You will fly a military pilot, who needs to save his aircraft carrier with a flag from the attack of enemy aircraft, yourself to try to get the enemy flag and move it to your ship. Remember that all actions take place online and team game, which allows you to distribute tasks and responsibilities between players. For example, several planes will be busy defending the base, and the rest will go into attack on enemy forces and capture the flag. For communication between players there is a special chat room. One battle is given a certain amount of time and the team that captures more flags than the opponent will win. It will be possible to play on two maps: island and city limits. By cutting down the enemy planes and capturing their flags, you will accumulate experience points, from which your level will grow. It depends on your level which class of aircraft you can choose: the higher the level, the higher the class of the aircraft. In addition, you will be charged money for battles, which you can and should spend on pumping the current aircraft. In general, this is all the information you need. So do not hesitate, take the game in your hands and go to the air to win glory and victories!
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