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Bubble shooters are balloon shooters games. In essence, it's a fairly simple "toy", the plot of which does not shine a special variety. Nevertheless, such things are popular even among experienced gamers, who are difficult to surprise. Play Balls Shooters can and a small child. The gaming space is limited by some transparent container, which is ½ or ¼ filled with colored balls. The weapon is a cannon that shoots "cores" of different colors. The player's task is to hit a group of balls of the same color with a round shell of a certain color. The objectives of the game Shooting Balls are different, but the essence is the same. On the site are presented both earlier versions, and more modern. You can choose and play the game Shooting Balls right now! Moreover, this offer is not even relevant for registered users. You can use it on your home computer or any device with an installed browser and connected to the Internet. The Shooting Balls "Zuma", "Petty Shooter" games develop logical thinking, because they make the player think about the question: "How to use the projectile correctly?".

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