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Welcome to the club of avid drivers, personally testing every "toy" related to racing and cars! Free car eats a car games is not just a race, but something more, because the player needs to perform several additional tasks. It is noteworthy that these "toys" have many names, but most users are known as "car eats car. Games with and without cheats are available to all visitors to, where all parts of this "madness". The main thing is to understand the purpose and all the wisdom of driving this vehicle. The main protagonist of this performance, which can be directed by you or your child, is an "eye" car, day in and day out driving on the tracks. It is periodically attacked by trucks and other road monsters. And to avoid trouble, you will have to think about how to "pump the car" and arm it with a formidable weapon. The developers have all the options for that. Thanks to our website, you do not need to download the car eats a car game , because we have very nice online versions with advanced functionality and great graphics.

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