Homeless Hobo 7 - Sky

Homeless Hobo 7 - Sky

After going to the last heat game and defeating Satan himself, Hobo found himself in heaven in an unknown way. Hobo was very happy to be in this wonderful and peaceful place. He slept under a tree, confident that he would be able to rest here. But it wasn't, because suddenly an angel appeared beside him and kicked Hobo, pointing to a sign that said he didn't belong here. The angel had acted recklessly, for our vagabond had again become furious and had departed the angel properly to show him that he was not the one who had been ordered. Hobo had done many bad things in his life and the angels clearly did not want him in such a sinless place. So they turned on him to chase the bum out of heaven. Once again, our dirty bum has a big fight to fight, this time with the heavenly inhabitants. The battle will be fierce and again, Hobo will only get stronger and gain some more useful abilities. Try to put up a real fight in heaven. Maybe you will even meet a God who hates the dirty and restless bum Hobo.
:Control of the game Бомж Хобо 7 - Небеса

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