If you are a big fan of computer "toys", where there are balloons, but Zuma and three in a row you are already tired of the order, then we recommend switching to the game Wubis Fluffy. The main characters are fluffy koloboks that have a cosmic origin. These are guests from a distant galaxy, which by their presence does not harm anyone. The characters are very smiling and good-natured, which means that the game can play free fuzzy game even small children. However, during the gameplay player will have to shoot a snake consisting of fluffy bells. Although, such a story is typical only for shooters. On the site Oigri.com, in addition to the traditional shooters and adventures. Fuzzy games from the category of brodilok cause genuine interest. Because the characters, who because of the accident of his starship had to scatter around the Earth, will have to face difficulties and dangers. Thanks to our site, you can play the game full screen for free, which is very appreciated in the gamer environment. Help these cute creatures to escape from carnivorous plants, build a rocket and go home!

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