Funny Farm Games online

If you are looking for a real "farm simulator", then you should pay attention to funny farm games. Thanks to the site, you can become a successful farmer, because initially you will be given some resources that can provide a good start. The first version of funny farm appeared in 2007, and the essence of this "toy" was to develop agriculture. A farmer must grow different crops and harvest, care for animals, improve his land in every way and generally do all the "peasant" work. Free funny farm games belongs to the category of "multigenre toys". Playing them, you will find in them elements of puzzles, economic strategy, arcade, simulator. At the moment, there are extended variations of Fun Farm game 2, 3, 4 parts. There are also versions from third-party developers, that can also cause genuine interest from gamers-farmers. Not necessarily that the player will have to specialize in the production of agricultural products, because there are highly specialized farms engaged in fish farming and even pearl cultivation!

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