Short life 2

Short life 2

This is a stunning, or even elementary, indescribable platform game with an original twist you must drive our hero and try to execute it through a range of different values. It has the ability to sound simple, but you still have to guide him safely, without harming or displacing his limbs! At first glance, it all seems to be extremely easy and extremely simple ... but in fact it is far from it. In our game, you'll understand what a relentless interest and fun is. Of course, in this game there are all sorts of bonuses that will make the game more open, interesting and intense. In this game you will need dexterity and cunning to pass the levels competently and without gross mistakes that can deprive you of bonuses. The creators and developers of the game have been sweating for many months to give you the game with wonderful graphics and of course with the same beautiful sound effects. The interface of the game is quite extensive, which is a breakthrough in the world of phone games!
:Control of the game Short Life 2
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