Fans of fun and extraordinary computer "toys" very much like the game Fart Brothers. Brothers have just a comic appearance, although it is not their key feature. The fact is that they are constantly farting, than unspeakably surprise adults and have fun kids. Where do they get so many gases in them, which constantly ask out? The fart brothers are always eating some nuts that grow in their fairytale world. They're the ones that have such a loud effect. By the way, the protagonists live somewhere in Africa, in some primitive tribe, where they have not heard of any rules of decency. The Fart Brothers games do not shock anyone anymore, but on the contrary make them have fun from the heart. His lack of brothers use themselves for good, because the jet of air coming out of their pop, helps them to rise high above the ground, which allows them to get them different items. That's what the plots are based on free online fart brothers games . On the site presents almost all flash versions of the current games of the Brothers of Fart, which can be played for free. There is a variation, designed for two players, and we are sure that it will please your children and their friends.

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